Who We Are

Hospitality Systems Pvt. Ltd is driven with moto of providing one stop solution for all the IT problems that modern day hoteliers face. Hospitality Systems Pvt. ltd focuses on improving and simplifying the overall hotel operations. We provide IT solutions specially designed for hotels in relation to property management, financial and accounting management, inventory management, HR and many more. We are the sole distributors of world ranked PMS “Hotelogix” with having full operations in more than 110+ countries combining the total customers of around 1.5 million worldwide.

We also provide Nepal’s leading ERP solution options depending on your hotel’s requirements which can be your solutions to seamlessly integrate your business functions in the local Nepalese context which have over 50000 users from 50+ customer organization, since its inception. The company provides ERP solutions in relation to financial and accounting management, inventory management, HR and other business function which helps in simplifying your overall business operations.

What We Do


Channel Manager

Channel management is the process of managing online distribution channels in order to sell hotel inventory to various agents across the globe. It is the only way to effectively reach a global audience without risking overbookings. We provide solution to all your channel management problem by providing you with a one stop solution to handle all your OTA’s.


Property Management System(PMS)

We provide world ranking property management system called Hotelogix which is a cloud-based hotel reservations software that helps independent and multi-property hotels simplify, centralize and automate room operations. Hotelogix enables real-time integration with all major Global Distribution Systems, Online Travel Agents, and Channel Managers. Hoteliers across 100+ countries trust our product to expand their market reach, increase occupancy rates, and eliminate booking errors.


Financial Solutions for Hotels

We provide best in class financial systems called synergy which provides seamless financial operation solution. It’s easier than ever to manage finances of your hotel as our system specially designed for hotels and integrated with PMS helps to ease and keep track of overall financial operations of the hotel.


Revenue Management

Suffering losses and having hard time figuring out how can your hotel increase revenue. We at hospitality systems provide Revenue Management Solution which will help your hotel to step up to the game and increase revenue.


Inventory Management

We provide solutions to manage all the inventorial operations of your hotel from a system which is able to keep real time track of your inventory levels. Avoid overstock and outages also cut costs and be more efficient.


Human Resource Management system

We provide solutions regarding human resource providing hoteliers with a platform to manage all their human resource efficiently and tactfully. Our HRIS is equipped with features that helps hoteliers keep records of the human resource and provide a solution to tackle all the problems related to human resource.


Point of Sales (POS)

We provide POS Software module that lets you manage a wide variety of services at your property by letting you setup unlimited 'Points of Sale' outlets such as managing restaurants, mini bar, spa, travel Desk and much more. POS terminals are touchscreen enabled and let you freely to setup as many users for your outlets as you need.



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